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Project Description

Turnkey is a generic web framework built on Apache, mod_perl, and SQLFairy. It takes as input the schema of a given database and transforms it into a fully-functional and customizable website within minutes. This automated process frees developers to work on the content of a website rather than the underlying architectural details. For more detailed information see the About Turnkey section.

For more information about GMODWeb, the first major application using Turnkey, click here. For descriptions of the different capabilities of the package, either building new websites or installing pre-built websites, see Use Cases. If you use GMODWeb/Turnkey in your research please cite:

GMODWeb: a web framework for the generic model organism database.
Genome Biol. 2008 Jun; 9(6).
O'Connor BD, Day A, Cain S, Arnaiz O, Sperling L, Stein LD
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Turnkey News

  • 7/2/08: Some users have reported problems using Apache2::Reload in the RPM distribution of Turnkey/GMODWeb. Apache::Reload is optional and can safely be commented out of the Turnkey/GMODWeb httpd.conf file.
  • 6/28/08: Turnkey 1.4 has been released on SourceForge and will be available soon as RPMs on This release has been tested with CentOS4.6 and includes small bug fixes mainly to deal with dependency package updates from CentOS and RPMForge. Using CentOS4.6 and RPMs from RPMForge and Biopackages is the recommended installation process for Turnkey.
  • 6/20/08: The GMODWeb publication is now available in the current edition of Genome Biology. Take a look here.
  • 3/31/08: Stephen Ficklin of Clemson University was kind enough to provide a tutorial for using Turnkey to create custom websites based on the GMOD Chado schema (aka GMODWeb). Also, a Turnkey/GMODWeb publications is in submission and will be linked here when available.
  • 2/4/07: The 1.3 releases of Turnkey and GMODWeb are available as source downloads from SourceForge and as RPMs from This release includes support for paging in minor panels which speeds the rendering of items with many database linkouts.
  • 1/29/07: Notes: The 1.2 releases of Turnkey and GMODWeb are available via the testing repository on These will be migrated to the stable repository soon. The FAQ has been updated with troubleshooting information for using these RPMs on Fedora Core 2, 5, or CentOS4 (both i386 and x86_64 RPMs are available).
  • more news items...

Turnkey is a creation of Allen Day, Brian O'Connor, and Scott Cain.

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